Diversity lottery program is nothing but the official lottery program conducted by the US Congress which grants diversity immigrant visas to people across the globe. People from almost all the foreign countries wish to immigrate to the United States and lead a life there. This program will be much helpful to people who wish to live in the United States. However, there are few different ways through which eligible foreign nationals may immigrate to the United States. For instance, a foreign national who has close relatives living in the United States may get a chance to immigrate through family based immigration. Similarly, there are some US employers who hire foreign nationals and sponsor them. The other way that does not require sponsors, is the Diversity Visa lottery program.

Anyone can register to take part in this program which is conducted once a year. There are few countries that are eligible to enter this program and certain countries are ineligible. Hence to enter this program you will have to be a national of such an eligible country. Satta Some countries are considered ineligible because of their high immigration rates. There is no upper age limit to enter this program and so you may apply if you are above age 18. Moreover, to file an application to enter this program, you must have completed a 12 year course which includes your primary and secondary education. You may also be eligible, if you have the required work experience. In order to qualify, you must have worked for at least two years in a qualifying occupation. If you satisfy these requirements, you may enter the diversity lottery program.

If you choose to participate in the diversity visa lottery program, you must file an online application. Remember that you must submit digital pictures along with your application. You may take 60 minutes to complete this diversity lottery application. People who are already in the United States in some other non-immigrant status, hoping to remain permanently in the country also may file applications to take part in this program. On winning the lottery, they may apply for adjustment of status and get Green Cards. People who are outside the United States, on winning the lottery must apply for immigrant visas. They will be required to provide various civil documents and will have to undergo medical examinations. They will be interviewed by an immigration officer after which they may get immigrant visas, if they are considered to be eligible to immigrate to the United States.

However, people who enter the diversity lottery program must remember that all those who win the lottery may not be eligible to get immigrant visas. Winners will be called for interviews according to the case numbers allotted to them. And, the immigration officers will determine the eligibility of the winners based on the evidence that they provide and based on the interview. Then the eligible winner will be granted an immigrant visa and with that he can travel to the United States and get a Green Card in the United States.


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