One of the most innovative devices of the modern times is mobile phones. It has given a solution to the communication needs of people. Now, you can talk to anyone form anywhere even if you are moving. Now, it is changing its facet in a dynamic way. It has become a complete source of entertainment and fun.

In the beginning when the mobile handset came into the market, it was used for the purpose of conversation between two people only. It was serving the purpose of business class people for extremely important works. Gradually the new features and functions started coming into the devices. As the research and development kept on going, the new and innovative technologies were introduced from time to time. The leading manufacturers initiated the new generation phones such as multimedia phones, music handsets and the devices for fashion loving people. Fix Samsung Phone Battery Draining Fast

Although mobile instruments have become a part of lifestyle in the rich world yet its usability in the developing countries can not be neglected. In these countries, the conventional mode of communication is having various loop holes. The condition of roads, fixed line phones and postal services is very critical. In this case the mobile phones are the best way to communicate. It also helps certain other purposes like finding a new job, transferring of funds and setting up your own business.

Mobile manufacturing is a high end business which requires the great financial strength, adequate expertise, and outstanding marketing and branding abilities. Understanding consumer behaviour in different regions is also extremely important. There are many companies involved in mobile making. Some of these companies are listed amongst the top notch companies of the world. Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG are the leading brands all over the world. Nokia is a Finland based company which is the market leader in the mobile handset industry. It is currently having approx 40% market share globally. Although the other manufacturers are far behind yet they are coming hard and giving a really tough call to Nokia.

The popularity and uses of mobile telephony can be understood with the fact that there are more number of handsets than the population of the country. UK is one of them where the penetration rate is more than one. As far as the growth rate is concerned, India is the fastest growing country in terms of mobile phone subscription. It is adding around 7 million people every month. The use of mobile phones is increasing because of some other reasons too. People connect to the internet through the fast connectivity of the new generation 3G mobile devices. GPS receiver, Bluetooth with A2DP, Navigator, and World map are some of the latest features which have been included in the handsets that are coming nowadays.

Nokia has been successful to produce some brilliant models that created a stir in the market. N series, E series, D series and several other models have become a popular name. Similarly, Samsung, Motorola and Sony Ericsson have produced the masterpiece. Moto Razor, Sony Ericsson K850i, LG viewty are some of the best selling models. There are many other models which are promising a lot. More and more features and functions are expected to come in the upcoming gadgets.

Samsung is a leading manufacturer of mobile handsets. This Japan based company has produced some best quality phones like Samsung U700, Samsung G800, etc. Sony Ericsson is known for its music phones. Its Walkman series handsets are in great demand. W900i, W950i, W960i are some of the models gaining popularity. Motorola is the leading brand that uses the most advanced technologies in its phones. The sound and picture quality of its handsets are amazing.

Hence,¬†mobile phones¬†are becoming the necessities of our lifestyle. Everyone uses it for his or her particular purposes. At the same time, the latest handsets are providing more opportunities to the users with its multi purpose benefits. It plays the most significant part in life which is to connect to people, gives a tool to share each other’s ideas and provides the fun time.

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